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Beach Season starts from May 6 to June 30.  All practices will be held at the Sands, at 63rd and Grand in Des Moines. ​


You will receive expert-Led Drills: Setting, hitting, serving, and passing with NCAA DI Beach volleyball coach instruction.


You will also learn winning strategies, footwork in the sand, and how to read your opponent.


Whether you want to compete against the nations best , play in a local league or just learn the game, we have a program for you.



15-practice program

For athletes looking to pick up the beach game and also improve their indoor game. 

Highly recommended for athletes 12-18U who might not be ready for high school Volleyball or a multi-sport athlete. 

8-practice program

For multi-sport athletes and also might have to move into indoor when high school volleyball starts.

Highly recommended for the High school indoor volleyball player 

4-practice program

For multi-sport athletes that might have to stop beach training when high school volleyball starts and will also be missing majority of the summer

We are so excited to offer a league that will give a lot of playing opportunities for our players, as well as to players from other clubs (or no club).  We have one other club already partnering with us.  The plan is to have the league four times over the summer, either on Sunday afternoon or Friday evening.  Some details:

  1. There will be no pre-determined schedule, so no having to reschedule matches or trying to find an available opponent.

  2. Just show up, pay $32 at the door, and play 3-4 matches over about 2.5 hours.  Schedule determined based on who shows up, and we will ask the kids to play with a couple different partners throughout the night (but we will give preference if they have a requested partner.)

  3. Spectators welcome and encouraged!

  4. We will be playing by tournament rules (to prepare kids for playing in tournaments), so coaching will be very limited.  We can, however, coach them in between matches.

  5. Spectators during tournaments are very restricted in their comments to players, but we will try to be a little more lenient (but not much—we are trying to create a tournament-like experience!)

  6. Prizes awarded at the end of each session.

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